Positive findings of RSE “Government Expert Review” № 01-0235/14 dated from 04 May 2014 on “Execution of power unit reclamation works st.#1 at “Ekibastuz GRES-1 named after B.Nurzhanov” LLP project have been received.


Within the power unit reconstruction the following steps are going to be held:

  • boiler unit Пп-1650-25-545КТ upgraded on the basis of the boiler П-57-3М installation. Direct-flow boiler, T-shaped model with evaporative capacity 1650 t/h with open steam characteristics 25 МPа and 545 0С;
  • steam condensing turbine with one resuperheating with nominal capacity at least 540 MW, with main steam rate of the turbine 1590 t/h and rotor speed 3000 rpm installation.
  •  Generator ТГВ 550-2МУЗ installation for “Electrotepmash” including all auxiliary equipment.
  • Electrofilter «ALSTOM» for cleaning the fume from the ash particles installation. Guaranteed value of the dust content on the outlet of these electrofilters will be up to 400 mg/ng3.
  • Unit transformer and transformer tracks installation.
  • Balance of plant needs tapped transformer and transformer tracks installation.
  • Flexible connections construction
  • Excess-voltage suppressor installation
  • Unit pump station for circulating water supply #1 reconstruction with two new pumps of ОПВ-2-145 type installation. 
  • Automatic process control system with computer work stations of power unit st.#1 installation
  • Boiler unit st.#1 modular sluice-discharge pipeline from the main building to existing supports of the main sluice-discharge set-in connection replacement.


“Ekibastuz GRES-1″ LLP power unit st.#1  reconstruction will allow to:

  • Fill the needs of production electrical power, domestic household and residents of Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Keep and increase electric power export turnover to Russia
  • Enhance reliability of energy savings of consumers by creating electrical power backup


As part of the project the environmental staff of “StroyIndustriya” has calculated environmental impact assessment which went though sanitary-epidemiological expertise and state environmental review successfully.