July 4, 2014 RSE «State expertise» issued a favorable opinion on the draft “JSC” SSGPO.FRPO. Modernization of drying lines № 1-6 “(№ 01-0365 / 14).

Modernization of drying lines № 1-6 caused by the need to replace obsolete and worn-out of the existing equipment of the enterprise.

Working draft includes the following scope of work:

  • replacement of existing weigh feeders 4488-DN-Y on a new hopper, equipped with a vibrator;

  • replacement of existing hoppers for new capacity 216 t / h;

  • replacement of the existing drum-type dryers capacity of 160 t / h dry for new capacity of 200 t / h of dry;

  • exchange of heat generators for heat generators GVK -10 thermal capacity of 13.9 MW;

  • replacement of the existing unloading hoppers to new capacity of 200 t / h;

  • installation of pollution control equipment, including twin cyclones and Venturi tubes;

  • replacement of the existing smoke exhausts exhaust fans on the DN-21;

  • replacement of existing fan blower;

  • installation of suction suction conveyors number 61 and number 61a at feed dried concentrate.

    The result of the project will be:

  • improvement of the sanitary condition of the atmosphere at the workplace;

  • environmental improvement in the Ore;

  • increase in productivity of the burning car.