EXPO-2017 в Астане

22nd of November 2012 in Paris at a panel session of 152nd Session of General Assembly of International Exhibition Bureau (IEB) voting by secret ballot 148 countries chose the city to hold the international exhibition EXPO-2017. It was the capital of Kazakhstan – Astana city. 103 participant countries of IEB voted for Astana and 44 for Belgian Liege.

It will be the first international exhibition to be held in CIS and Central Asia country. Holding EXPO-2017 will be an added incentive for economic and infrastructural development of the country and its capital which is going to celebrate its 20th birthday in 2017.

It is expected that around 5 mln people will attend the exhibition. It is a big image-building project for Kazakhstan which will gain momentum for the growth of science, new technologies and economy of the country in the part of tourism cluster development. 

The President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev assured that Kazakhstan will put the most efforts to hold the international exhibition EXPO-2017 in Astana at the highest level.

To organize “EXPO-2017” in Astana Kazakhstan offered a program “Future Energy”. The program reflects the most urgent problem of efficient use of power resources and its solution becomes a strategic mission for many countries. The program is based on solving the global problems such as lack of access to electric power and poverty alleviation. The world needs new ways of development – “Green” economy and environmentally safe growth. Kazakhstan despite abundant sources of raw material for energy production shares the common interests and aspirations with other countries. The risk of power reserve depletion is high and the consequent effect of its usage is dangerous for the environment. This is the reason Kazakhstan wants to gather the world community to think over the situation in the course of the international exhibition.      

What is EXPO?

International Specialized Exhibition – EXPO – is an event of a global dimension which can be compared to World Economic Forum in order of importance and to the most popular sporting events of the world in order of tourist attraction.

Beginning with 1851 when the first International Industrial Exhibition took place in London. EXPO exhibitions started to gain popularity as events giving an opportunity to get acquainted with economic, scientific, engineering and cultural achievements of the world and became a platform to reflect the historic background, to exchange the innovative ideas, to demonstrate a team spirit and to show a common prospection.

EXPO exhibitions take place every five years and are known as a prestigious and powerful platform in the world. Millions of tourists attend the EXPO exhibitions, that’s why every country strains to create a unique place enable to reveal national identity and its culture and to demonstrate its economic and engineering growth level. Eventually visitors have a chance to see a stunning architectural and artistic image of the platforms as well as items on a display created on the basis of advanced scientific achievements. Literally – future technologies.


International architectural competition of EXPO-2017 has been summarized

22nd of October 2013

International architectural competition for the best sketch design of EXPO-2017 exhibition complex has been summarized in Astana.

On 16th of October sketch design of EXPO-2017 exhibition complex was approved at the preparation and holding the international exhibition EXPO-2017 meeting under the supervision of the President of the country Nursultan Nazarbayev. The winner of the competition is an architectural company Adrian Smith+Gordon Gill Architecture.

It is a reminder that the total acreage of the designed project is 173.4 ha where 25 ha is for the exhibition complex itself and on 148 ha the housing project, social and cultural facilities, educational and health care facilities, shopping centers, parks, boulevards will be situated. Approximate exhibition platforms space is 118 620 m2, service zones are 95 400 m2, including residential space – 586 465 m2. EXPO village construction is planned at Esil district near Kabanbay Batyr Avenue, Khussein ben Talal, Orynbor and Ryskulov streets.

This year working out of predesign and design documentation will be started. The beginning of the construction is planned at the second quarter of 2014. The project owner of EXPO-2017 land area will be “OC “Astana EXPO-2017” JSC.  

The symbol of the exhibition EXPO-2017 will be the Kazakhstan platform itself made in the sphere form several floors  high with 24 000 m2 in total. The symbol of the exhibition is located in the center of the exhibition village. It is surrounded by international, thematic and enterprise platforms.

According to Chairman of the Technical Committee of the Exhibition Jeremy Rifkin the Adrian Smith+Gordon Gill Architecture design is the most acceptable from a sustainable development and architectural and artistic image point of view as well as its further reference after the EXPO-2017.

Advantage of the design is that after the holding the exhibition all facilities can be modified, disassembled or redesigned in other words without demolition. Generally, a site plan and facilities had been developed using the environmentally, economically and socially stable principles of design. Significant look of EXPO-2017 facilities is unique, it brings colossal advantages for Kazakhstan but the most important it creates inheritance not only for the country but also for the whole world.

As CEO of “OC “Astana EXPO-2017” JSC Talgat Yermegiyaev has noted “EXPO-2017 platform will become a place to embody five fundamental principles of The Third Industrial Revolution”.

According to the architectural competition winners’ design most of the power consumed by the visitors of the EXPO exhibition will be obtained from renewable sources. And all the buildings were made as power plant generating solar and wind energy.      

Architects of Adrian Smith+Gordon Gill Architecture presented preliminary data on EXPO facilities layout and their sizes.

Exhibitory zone includes the major platforms:

The platform of Kazakhstan which is situated in the center of EXPO village will symbolize the EXPO-2017 exhibition, its area – 24 000 m2.

Thematic platforms “Energy World”, “Energy for life”, “Energy for All”, “My Future Energy” are 4 000 m2 in size approximately with total acreage – 16 000 m2.

For the international platforms 95 000 m2 were prepared, more than 100 participant countries will display at EXPO-2017 exhibition.

Art Center will be located at 14 000 m2. Art Center is a specifically developed platform for entertainment program of EXPO-2017. It represents a multipurpose transformable space opened for the visitors of every age.

Enterprise platforms are commercial platforms of exhibition sponsors and partners with 9 000 m2 in area.

Energy Best Practices Area where the best examples of alternative energy usage will be presented, it will be 3 500 m2 in area.

Conference center around 42 000 m2 in area – a place to hold a conferences and forums.

On the border territory will be:

Parks of EXPO facility (72 000 m2)

Parks of EXPO village (313 000 m2)

Green buffer (protected zone – 175 000 m2)

Parking area for 10 000 cars.

The press-conference was attended by:

 CEO of “OC “Astana EXPO-2017” JSC – Talgat Yermegiyaev

Chairman of the Technical Committee of the Exhibition – Jeremy Rifkin

The First Deputy of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan, Commissioner of International Specialized Exhibition EXPO-2017 – Rapil Zhoshybayev

The partner of the company Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture – Robert Forest

The Minister of Environment Protection – Nurlan Kapparov. 

Source: http://expo2017astana.com