Positive findings of RSE “Government Expert Review” № 01-0868/13 according to the engineering project “Reconstruction and engineering modification of existing water treating plant for the needs of “Ekibastuz GRES-2” JSC”.

The purpose of reconstruction and engineering modification of existing water treating plant of Ekibastuz GRES-2 is a safe and efficient operation of steam power and process equipment depends on water treating and water chemistry modes where the aims of preventing different kinds of depositing at the inner part of heat exchanger, rust protection of  constructional material of the key and auxiliary equipment in circumstances where they are in contact with water and steam as well as in the vessel are set. Treated water is meant for reinstatement of steam and condensed water of boiler plant vessels and water loss in heating system route.   

The customer chose “Jurby WaterTech” LLC as the main process equipment supplier.

Within the reconstruction and modernization a working design provides:

  • Reconstruction of the existing illuminators;
  • Internal reconstruction of combined chemical water treating facilities;
  • Developing foundations for the equipment;
  • Developing pipeline and maintenance platforms supports;
  • Designing chemicals dosing unit;
  • Reconstruction of  C&I, BOP switchgear facility, ventilation chamber;
  • Heating and venting systems reconstruction;
  • Laying hot and cold water to emergency shower;
  • Watering tap device in chemicals dosing unit is planned;
  • Fire-fighting main replacement;

The modernization provides:

  • Installation of a new equipment for steam boiler feeding with 280 m/h3 capacity;
  • Installation of  ultra filtration unit consisting of 7 modules (6 – running, 1 – spare);
  • Reverse osmosis unit  installation 1 and 2 stages;
  • Electric deionization unit installation;
  • New power supply network feeding unit installation;
  • Cation exchange unit installation 1 and 2 stages.

The reconstruction of combined chemical water treating facilities is considered in the working design. The main volume of works takes place inside the chemical water treating facility. The replacement of the foundation for the equipment, a place for chemicals dosing unit, reconstruction of C&I, BOP switchgear facility, ventilation chamber, interior finishing of illumination, neutralizer and filtration room are planned. The designed pipeline, maintenance platforms and cable trends supports are situated inside and outside the building. New supports outside the building are located at the north-west side and are placed at the existing grade elevation.

Within the engineering documentation the environmental staff of “StroyIndustriya” LLP has developed “Environmental impact assessment” following recommendations of “Environmental impact assessment appraising of planned business or other activities developing preplan, predesign, design documentation instructions”. This section has gone through sanitary-epidemiological expertise of Ekibastuz successfully and Sanitary and Epidemiological Inspection Report № 3-27а/268 was received.

The Order № 261-НК от 30.09.2013 of “Interstate Standards Establishment” of Construction and Housing and Public Utilities Affairs Committee of Regional Development Ministry of Republic of Kazakhstan went into effect.  

The purpose of the Order is to improve technical standards in the field of architecture, town planning and engineering.