“The future energy” is a sure step for shaping “green” economy

The topic of International Specialized Exhibition “EXPO-2017” – “The future energy” means development of alternative power sources and shaping “the green” economy. Currently the initiatives which will radically change the structure of the national economy are carried out. Thus the 30th of May 2013 the President signed a decree to work out Concepts transitioning to “green” economy. This is the key to providing a sustainable development of the country and “EXPO” exhibition will be an added incentive to “green” economy transition. It will allow Kazakhstan provide the end of the purpose to reach the 30 head-most countries in the world.

In five years during the international exhibition “EXPO-2017” Kazakhstan will be able to share the unique experience to the world – the experience of transitioning from the country where the waste management is almost not presented to the country with healthy economy, healthy ecology and healthy people. To the country where the future energy is used in every day life.

Our present

Kazakhstan will surprise the quests not only with the beauty of the new capital but also with the real contribution to the common goal of saving the planet. Our country already has a strong experience of running huge events. But it’s not about reputation and a size of the events. The government of Kazakhstan is concerned about the environmental issues and the program “Green Bridge” the President Nursultan Nazarbayev suggested intended to join nations to the “green” economy transition proves that. The idea is for the developed countries to share their advanced “green” technologies on key-ready basis and for free.

In their turn developing countries agreed to create favorable conditions for these technologies and investments promotion. Initiative implementation will not only give an incentive for ‘green’ technologies development but also let the developing countries to come out of recession.

The “Green Bridge” program is one of practical solutions of the developing and spreading environmentally clean economy issue all around the world. Being suggested by the President of Kazakhstan the program has found the support of many countries.

With the support of UN management, leaders of “green” economy (in Europe –Germany, France, Italy, Spain, in Asia – South Korea, Japan, China, also USA and Canada), Kazakhstan will develop and introduce the model which provides economic benefit for participating countries ( technologies transfer, job creation) as well as foreign investors and other partners. This model will allow provide solution for more complicated set of interrelated problems – energy, water, food security.   

Energy efficiency, energy conservation and saving became of high priority for most of the state programs and “Future Energy” is discussed and introduced by some SDPCs and international companies. Kazakh people started to think over the necessity of switching to new standards as well.

Energy efficiency was added in Forced Industrial and Innovation-given Growth State Program. A few important documents appeared and “Energy efficiency and Energy Efficiency Growth” and “Introduction of Amendments and Additions in some Legal Acts of RK According to the Energy Efficiency Issues and Energy Efficiency growth” laws as well as Complete plan of Energy Efficiency in RK for 2012-2015 and “Zhasyl Damu” program are among them.  

Employment policy has changed as well. “Energy Audit” and “Energy Management” appeared at universities, seminars and trainings dedicated to energy efficiency are held. The successful experience of alternative energy usage of European countries is under study at the moment. People learn new approaches to energy efficiency, realize the advantage they get developing renewable power sources (RPS).

Departmental program of electric-power industry development has been established where the necessity to develop the renewable energy is reflected.

The alternative sources have insignificant out-turn of power supply currently. Nevertheless the growth of this rate is noticed. Electricity output with the help of renewable power sources amounts 420 million kilowatts per hour in 2011 which is 5% more than in 2010. Meanwhile, the projects in wind energy, hydraulic power, solar energy and biogas field went live with total capacity more than 20 megawatt and investors are still interested in design production of small HEPS and wind farms. Thus, for last two years five small hydraulic power plants and a solar power plant were placed in commission in Almaty region. One small HEPS with 1,5 megawatt and two wind power plants appeared in Zhambyl region. Biogas plant was started up in Kostanay region.

Scientists also joint to the renewable power source development issue. Ministry of Education and Science in cooperation with “Parasat” holding worked out and introduced the program “Academic and technological supply of power-generating sector of economy of Republic of Kazakhstan (renewable power sources, energy efficiency) 2011-2014 development”. Its purpose is to develop technologies, to create engineering development model and productions in the field of renewable power sources and energy efficiency. Development of test output of solar-wind, solar-water and solar-heating pump plants as well as pilot copy of wind energy plant with 30 kilowatt, illuminating equipment based on hyper luminous LEDs and others are planned in particular.

And one of the departments of “Samruk-Kazyna” holding – “Samruk-Green Energy” LLP is erecting one solar and two wind power stations. Kazakh subsurface users have already constructed 12 gas turbine power plants to make an efficient use of produced together oil and gas. And the expansion of Tengyz and Zhana-Zhol processing plants is planned for the same.    

 The future is in alternative energy!

Our future

The suggested theme of the exhibition “EXPO-2017” “Future energy” reflects the purposes which the world community sets for the closest years and decades. The President of the country Nursultan Nazarvayev in Strategy “Kazakhstan-2050 set a mission – Kazakhstan must become a clean and green country with fresh air and clear water. Taking care about health of future generations the head of the country notes the energy saving technologies development as one of the key ones for the country. One of the Strategy challenge – global energy security. It is planned that by the year 2050 alternative power sources usage will let to generate up to 50% of all energy input.

The President emphasized repeatedly that the era of hydrocarbon economy is nearly over and a new era is coming where the human activity will be based not only on oil and gas but also on renewable power sources.

Not least important purpose in President’s opinion is the necessity to protect the environmental balance in our country and on the planet in a whole.

In long-term plan the transition to “green” economy will allow maintain momentum of economic growth and make the economy of Kazakhstan more stable.

According to calculations by the year 2050 transformations in the course of “green” economy will let to increase GDP to 3%, to provide more than 500 thousand new working places, to shape new industrial branches and services, to provide universally high standards of living for the population.

Growth rate of “green” economy in 5-10 years will surpass the “brown” scenario predictions; however it will not be contained in risks and system weaknesses of the last ones.

Thus according to preliminary expectations the share of alternative sources in power production (solar and wind) will be at least 3% by the year 2020, up to 50% – 2050. Economy growth and energy efficiency measures accomplishment will cause the energy consumption growth up to 2,3% per year (by the year 2030 – up to 136 bln kWt/h) and up to 1,2% per year (by the year 2050 – up to 172 bln kWt/h). Furthermore, GDP energy intensity will decrease to 50% compared to 2010.

The necessity of transition to “Future energy” is based on objective factors. Humanity has reached the point when careless attitude to the resources is unacceptable because coal, oil and gas can run out very soon – when our children and grandchildren will grow up. That’s why we need “future energy” now. And we speak not only about renewable power sources. Energy efficiency has to become our philosophy, our way of living.  

“EXPO-2017” will allow gather and demonstrate the best worldwide developments in energy efficiency, the advanced solar, water and wind energy usage technologies. Moreover, the energy for holding an exhibition will be received from renewable power sources of domestic production. So the advantages of “future energy” will be illustrated visually. And after the exhibition “EXPO” Astana will consolidate global efforts of “green” economy examination for customize the best world standards, achievements and technologies to the economy of Kazakhstan.