Positive findings of RSE “Government Expert Review” № 16-0926/13 according to the engineering project “Development of plans for turbine feed plants assembling” have been received.

The purpose of the project is to replace turbine feed pumps ПН-1500-350, boost pumps ПД-1600-180 and shaft-driven turbines К-11-10П to turbine feed pumps CHTD 7/7, boost pumps YNK 300/520 and shaft-driven turbines К14-1.ОЕ.

The main suppliers of the process equipment are “KSB” Germany and “EKOL” Czech Republic.

Here are the main characteristics of the turbine feed equipment: in the part of turbine feed pumps feed water capacity is lower when two turbine feed plants run simultaneously: Qпв=800 t/h when Рпв=29,78 MPa. At the same time prolonged overload of feed pumps (up to 70% of nominal value) is possible if the turbine feed plant is running alone  Qпв=1360 t/h when Рпв=26,67 MPa.

The second characteristic is turbine drive control system with its own lubrication circuit running separately from the main turbine. However oil circuit of bearings lubrication system of the turbine plant is supplied by the oil FRTO from the main turbine.

As hydraulic fluid for turbine regulation system low-flammable hydraulic fluid Quintolubric 888-68 is used instead of turbine oil FRTO.    

Quintolubric 888-68 fluid is used in the same condition it was supplied and does not require prefiltering as it is cleaned during production. High viscosity index and low level of freezing compared to mineral oil makes it easy-to-use. It also has properties to start in a cold run and higher viscosity with high temperature.   


  • Good fire-resistance properties
  • Certification – has been approved as least dangerous hydraulic fluid
  • Good lubricating properties; good oxidation resistance
  • Compatible with most sealing materials
  • Low toxicity for people and environment
  • The product is >90% biodegradable according to CEC L-33-T-82
  • Energy saving as the product has lower density compared to other ones of HFD type.

Engineering project provides the following:

  • Checking calculation of the existing foundations at turbine feed plants
  • Developing the pipeline supports
  • Developing supports of auxiliary equipment
  • Developing maintenance platform

Anticorrosive actions and flame protection of turbine feed plant foundations have been done.

Within the engineering documentation the environmental staff has developed “Environmental impact assessment” following recommendations of “Environmental impact assessment appraising of planned business or other activities developing preplan, predesign, design documentation instructions”. This section has gone through sanitary-epidemiological expertise successfully and State Environmental Expert Review № 12/1-15/ЮЛ-А-518 dated by 30.09.2013 was received.