Positive findings of RSE “Government Expert Review” № 16-0045/14 according to the engineering project “Kazakhstan Aluminum Smelter” JSC” have been received.TPP. Common steam header st.#5 replacement. Firing-up steam pipeline in axis17-25″replacement.

The purpose of the engineering project is replacement of the main and firing-up steam headers st.#5 “Kazakhstan Aluminum Smelter” JSC HPP.

Design limits are boiler steam collection chambers including the flaps 5-ПК-3; 5-ПК-4.

Main steam header st.#5 – double strand, diameter 273х36 mm with steam parameters Р=13,7MPa, Т-5400С which is situated between axis 19-21, in B-D lines. Length of the main steam header st.#5 including the connection is 164 m. The engineering project provides check point to control persistent deformation of main and firing-up steam pipelines installation as well as travel indicators to control the expansion of the steam pipelines and supervise the validity of operation of hanger-support system; also heat insulation of the stem pipeline, steel, drain system and air ventilation are designed.

The engineering design requires the following steps to be held:

  • At the existing boiler and turbine plants of “Kazakhstan Aluminum Smelter” JSC HPP the disassembling of the existing metal supports of  the main steam pipeline st.#5 in the axis 19-21 B-D lines and firing-up steam pipeline in axis 17-25 are designed
  • New supports to fix the steam pipeline are fabricated

Required thermotechnical control, self-regulation and alarm corresponding to standard technical documentation are planned.

Within the engineering documentation the environmental staff has developed “Environmental impact assessment” following recommendations of “Environmental impact assessment appraising of planned business or other activities developing preplan, predesign, design documentation instructions”. This section has gone through sanitary-epidemiological expertise successfully and State Environmental Expert Review № KZ74VCY00002341 от 25.12.2013 was received.