Specialists of “StroyIndustriya” LLP worked out the documentation of “Project” to “Execution of repairing work on the power unit st.#1 of “Ekibastuz GRES-1 named after B.Nurzhanov” project.

Power unit st.#1was commissioned in October 1996.

The repairing works project provides unit reconstruction, unit transformer and auxiliary transformer installation, flexible connections construction, voltage limiter installation, unit pump station for circulating water supply #1 reconstruction, modular sluice-discharge pipeline replacement.

In the process of reconstruction the general ventilation systems of the main building will be repaired as well as conditioning of some facilities, safe aspiration systems in dusty places will be added and front elevation together with the interior of the main building will be restyled. 

Project execution will allow filling the needs of production electrical power, domestic household and residents of Republic of Kazakhstan; enhancing reliability of energy savings of consumers by creating electrical power backup.

The main technical and economic indexes after the project realization will present:

  • Rated output power – 540 MW
  • Electrical energy annual output – 3 860,8 mln. kWh
  • Duration of the project – 30 months.

 Specialists of StroyIndustriya” LLP has started working out of project engineering documentation “Expansion and reconstruction of Ekibastuz GRES-2 assembling the power unit st.#3 with power at least 600 MWt.

To increase the power unit efficiency the installation of the main and auxiliary equipment has been provided in the project: tower boiler with capacity 1900 t/h and main steam characteristics 25,5 MPa, main steam temperature and resuperheating – 5700C; condensing steam turbine with nominal capacity 636 MW; generator with capacity 660 MWt. The equipment will be installed to the existing facility of the main building reconstructing the building frame, foundation corresponding to the frame and equipment.

Execution of the project will allow to increase annual electric supply more than one third (4519,7 mln. kWh instead of 3285), to decrease fuel consumption rate (15,4%) which defines quite low production cost of supplied electricity. 

Duration of the project – 54,5 months.

“StroyIndustriya” LLP performs the working out of the project “Construction of the bottom ash waste recycling plants”

The project provides working out of the documentation for three facilities:

  1. Processing line of dust recycling furnace of Balkhash TPP. Two stages of construction are planned with the following productivity: 1360000 tons of ash  and 5440000 tons of manufactured ash cement per year.

The process is based on dry ash handling system of Balkhash TPP and oriented on realization of furnace dust by consumers as finished products – ash portland cement.

  1. Open cell concrete production. Open sell concrete blocks are one of the effective and popular walling materials in construction. Open cell concrete production will be done according to the specified recipe using furnace dust. As cementitious additive and chemical agent lime, cement and anhydride will be used. Essentials of the final product will be reached by autoclave treatment of the open cell concrete (by means of pressurization and temperature action).

The future plant is planning to produce 720000 m3 of final product per year.

  1. Ashy bricks production. This project provides the ashy bricks production plant. Using the furnace dust the process is close to the production of the lime bricks. The second stage of the construction is planned by the plant management with production run of 120 millions bricks per year.

 “StroyIndustriya” LLP has started the project execution of working out the design and estimate documentation of “Construction of a greenhouse facility assembling heat pumps”

Project execution will allow use low-grade heat of Balkhash TPP”.

Within the project the construction of winter pre-engineered multispans 3,27 ha in area 3,5 kilometers from Ulken village is provided.

On industrial plant premises the following facilities are designed: greenhouse 1 ha – 3 units; greenhouse 0,3 ha – 1 unit; domestic compartment; boiler house; water pump house, cold store; sewage pumping station; water treating plant; biological water treating unit; complete transformer substations; gathering pond; water supply facility and complete transformer substation.    

The greenhouses are designed for year-round vegetable and herbaceous crops production with the help of low-capacity chemiculture at racks and hanging gutters using high technology systems and utility systems.

Annual bulk yield from the greenhouses 3,27 ha in area will be: cucumbers – 1196,3 tons a year; tomatoes – 868,2 tons a year; herbaceous crops 25,8 tons a year.

Construction period – 16 months.

“StroyIndustriya” LLP has started the project execution of working out the design and estimate documentation of “Fish hatchery construction”.

The project provides the construction of the fish hatchery at “Balkhash TPP” JSC.

The purpose of the project – to provide annual stocking of the Balkhash Lake with one year old carps 1465 thousands with weighing batch up to 80 gr. Building area is 2420 m2.

Within the project the construction of incubatory unit, storage houses and auxiliary facilities, settling pond  h=2,0 m., administration building, pump station, CTS-400/10/04 kWt, utilities fluids detritus pit 48 m2, industrial wastewater sewage treatment plant “Biotel”, floating dock structure for cages, dock face wall, quest parking for 6 cars and security house are planned.

The project has high environmental value reimbursing the damage caused by “Balkhash TPP”.

 Duration of the project – 17 months.

 Specialists of “StroyIndustriya” LLP worked out the project and engineering documentation “SSODIA” JSC. Modernization of the drying lines #1-6”.

The modernization of the drying lines is caused by obsolescence and physical deterioration of the existing equipment. The reconstruction process includes the modernization of drum dryers, heat generators, gas cleaning system due to growth in production of solid concentrate from 160 t/h to 200 t/h from each drum.

In the end of modernization “SSODIA” JSC will decrease repair and service costs of the equipment and will increase the production of dry iron-ore concentrate up to 1505 thousand tons.

Also the modernization will improve the sanitary condition at the working places and the environment of Rudny town.

Duration of the project – 12 months.

Specialists of “StroyIndustriya” LLP worked out engineering documentation “Reconstruction of existing facilities and ash dump units of HPP” for “Kazakhstan Aluminum Smelter” JSC.

The project provides the reconstruction of the drain system with attached road and construction of closed-loop curtain grouting in diagram wall construction along the perimeter of the ash dump to reduce the negative influence of the TPP ash dump, water and air basins.

Duration of the project – 25 months.